Scalable and easy to integrate Zone Management and Anti Collision System

The DPES ACEMS system consist of 2 systems that can be installed independent of each other. The ACEMS systems is easily integrated into the DPES INFINITE™ control system, but can also be adapted to existing rigs and control systems.

The Zone Management part of ACEMS controls the movement of all drillfloor equipment that is integrated into the system, like a piperacker, stabbing arm, catwalk, floorhand. It will prevent collision of any of these items with the vertical traveling equipment.

The Anti Collison System, controls the speed of the block travelling through the mast, based on inputs from the zone management system (when included), floor saver set-point, crown saver set-point, hookload, and block position.

All equipment movement will be stopped in case of a safety zone violation


  1. Driller programmable set-points
  2. PLC based with HMI controls 
  3. Integrates with existing control systems through I/O or communications network
  4. Continues logging of ACEMS data
  5. Easy to set up and operate
  6. No proprietary hardware used

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