DPES have developed a complete line of products for Industry 4.0, that is 100% customizable and scalable. It provides personalized web access and web pages, custom analytics features in the cloud, data acquisition, remote monitoring, remote control, etc.

Many offerings you find out in the field are “off the shelf” software and hardware solutions for current Industry 4.0 offerings. And that is certainly one way of moving into Industry 4.0, and the internet of things.

Most of the “off the shelf” provided solutions are an universal solution. Designed and deployable over a wide array of OEM’s and plants.

But it is not a custom solution, where the OEM or asset owner, holds the identity of the product or plant, and where the webpages are showing The OEM’s or owners logo’s, products and identity.

With our solution, the customer logs in through a personalized portal. And once inside the web pages, it will show the product and data specific to this client.  Giving the OEM and its customer or the plant owner the feel that this is a custom program and website, and not an universal of the shelf provided solution by a 3rd party.

Because of the control functionality, the system can also replace your current PLC CPU and HMI screens, and on the same platform as the data transfers, run your local controls, providing for additional reduction in capital cost when building and designing tools for the future.

There is no requirement of subscription, or server rental fees. This is all optional.

In all cases we store all data and webpages at the local level, allowing for the system to continue to run, even in cases when no internet service is available. So when an engineer/manager/supervisor is at a location, he can still connect into the cloud locally, and find all asset data and history available to him, even though it has not been connected to the internet.

Infinite Web View Architecture v3 dpes

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