DPES provides the following services: 

  1. Project Management services 
  2. VFD and SCR Drive cabinet design, engineering and building 
  3. Engine and Generator Controls standalone or integrated with automation system 
  4. Drilling Automation 
  5. Motor and Equipment Repairs 
  6. Field installations, retrofits and service 
  7. Lifetime Extension Program 

Control Systems and Automation Systems: 

Auto Driller and Automated Drilling Controls


  1. Advanced PLC based implementation  
  2. Communication network as per customer requirement. Includes but not limited to Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, RS 232, RS 485
  3. Zone Rated and Purged Consoles
  4. Includes ROP and WOB Controls
  5. Remote Connection via Fiber Optics  or Satellite 
  6. Remote Web Access to Drill Site
  7. User Alarms, Data Archiving, History Logs and Report Generation 

Mud Instrumentation Unit


  1. PLC based, standalone unit. Can also be integrated into overall Rig Automation System 
  2. HMI Controls for Remote Control of Mud System Pumps and Motors 
  3. Zone Rated and Purged Consoles 
  4. Overview of Levels in Solid Control System 
  5. User Alarms and Report Generation 

AC VFD Drilling Systems 


  1. Air Cooled or Water Cooled Power Modules 
  2. Low or Medium Voltage 
  3. Modular Design 
  4. Support Profibus or Profinet Communications. Can be integrated into Rig Automation System 
  5. Rated for low voltage 6000HP or medium voltage 10,000HP 
  6. Regenerative or Non Regenerative options 
  7. Full Functional Tests conducted at DPES facility prior to delivery 

Auto Driller